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My First Experience In Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Batu Pahat
Sunday, 14 July 2013 | 4:18 pm | 0 love note(s)

Do you still remember your first experiences in your college or universities ? I'm really sure everyone has their own experiences and you guys must still remember it, am I right ? I was the one of the second intake student in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Batu Pahat in Diploma Business Information Technology (DBIT). I supposed to continue my studies in Kolej Poly-Tech Ipoh in Diploma Multimedia, but I asked to change the course and and college because of the distance and family matter. I went to Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Batu Pahat and register on 8 July 2013. I didn't get involved in 'minggu orientasi' so I don't have many friends. I was a little bit introvert on my first day in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Batu Pahat and I didn't talk too much because I didn't know any person, so it is a little bit difficult to me to adapt myself there. First time being a Kolej Poly-Tech Mara’s student I feel very nervous but at the same time I feel happy because my family allow me to continue my studies and I was really greatful because Kolej Poly Tech-Mara accept my application to studies here. This is also one of the opportunity to me to be a successful person in life and get a good job after I graduated. When I attend a CAIT class on the second day, I got a new friend named Ruzana. We are in the same class, DBIT 1/1 . She is nice and I'm glad to meet her. Besides, in hostel I was in the same room with Mai, Fira, Mina and Mira. Both Mira and Mira is a lovely twins. All of them are so nice and funny. I’m happy to know them. I hope I can adapt myself and we can be friends. I am very thankful to all of them because teach and guide me as I was a new student here. Not forgettable, Ibu Siswi who always take care about me and all the students who stay in hostel. I really hope that I can achieve a good result for all my exam throughout my studies here. I want make my family proud of me especially my mother who sacrificed a lot for me. By the way, I’m happy to be a part of Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Batu Pahat family.

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